Ground Zero

I arrive at Hiroshima. There is an elephant in the room. I walk on ground that has been scorched by a nuclear attack. After Tokyo, Hiroshima feels like a vacation camp. Green. Space. The name of the local baseball team says a lot.


My first destination is the Peace Park. I pass by the ruins of the building that stood right beneath the blast.


That means: not enough lateral forces to topple the walls.


About a hundred meters down river I see this.


Sometimes it pays to be late. In my case: almost 70 years late.

I travel further south. To Nagasaki. No iconic building survived at the hypocenter. A memorial stone marks the spot.


The story goes somewhat like this: Clouds hid the primary target. So the pilots went for the alternative target. There were clouds over Nagasaki too. Then the crew saw buildings through an opening in the clouds. They dropped the bomb.

Nagasaki has an interactive guidance system for pedestrians. You can do this.


I have to smile. I feel strange.

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