The Third Planet


When the pandemic struck, I went to the woods. The world and its problems faded away, became a persistent rumor. Is it really out there? I’ve become a local. And more months will rush by, before the vaccines will downgrade the virus to just another infectious disease, that might kill me, and I can travel again.



Travelling forces me to think, when I have to deal with unfamiliar cultures. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it is fun … and sometimes I come up with an idea. … What about this one:

We need to feel important in a world where the importance of the individual is vanishing.

Why is this significant? Because this need makes us vulnerable.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

A Big Thank You, Michelle Novak, for nominating The Third Planet for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Well, I planned to do my response in the light-heartedly way I used to, and then it happened. I had a stroke.

Well, lets not talk about the dark parts of this, but of the things that hang by the narrowest of margins in the balance. Right now it takes me to join a sentence together, by at least ten times the speed, with at least ten times as many mistakes … and it is still improving … keep my fingers crossed. It blocked one of my carotid … I didn’t know it but you rely on two, my sheer luck. They cannot say where it came from and that makes it the scariest.

This basically changed the ten Facts about me:

  1. Life ist short. Not the meaning of it, or the metaphor. Life is short, and it can be over any second.
  2. I was not alone. That may have saved my life.
  3. Get your Priorities right. You might have a shorter time than you think.
  4. There are some parts of the world I want to see. We’ll see about that. The next couple of months I am a very local guy. I am looking forward to South America …
  5. If you want to do it, then do it. If you don’t, don’t. But do not keep lists for topics you keep on your radar. If it is relevant you will remember.

Right now I do not have more to say to belong in this category. Well, this here are important in another way …

  1. If you want to see the end of a tv series, do it as soon as you can. You never know
  2. When there is someone you want to talk to, don’t postpone it.
  3. Life your day like it could be your last day. Do something that makes you happy, and maybe someone else.
  4. Learn something new every day. It may be the last thing you do.

I certainly did approve of them, but took them lightly, forgot about them after I approved. I did not take them that seriously. Well, the note of this blog entry is not so light, as it is used to be, but this is not a light entry.

And one more thing …

  1. … write as if you write for the last time.

Vienna Calling

A year and a half in the same city. In small gradual changes everyday life has turned me into a local … I think. Routine has replaced exploration. I know my way around. Uncertainty seems restricted to the surprises of public transportation.

Somehow this reminds me of a fairy tale. The one with the frog and the prince. Has the kiss of a sedentary life transformed me?




… posts. Why am I still here?


It began with a promise. I knew how difficult it is to stay in touch when distance and time zones interfere, when you follow fundamentally different schedules and routines. I said Goodbye to friends, family and colleagues. Many times making the same promise that is so easily given, and so hard to keep, that in its most basic form sounds something like … I call you.