Memory Lane

I catalog the pictures. It amazes me how many memories and emotions they trigger: people, places, times, all in the past, but still with me. All the pictures on this blog are taken with one digital camera, my first actually. Point, press and save: I deeply appreciate its guidance. This is one of the first pictures it took.


I didn’t care very much about documentation. There were plenty of new places. Why bother with places I have been? Over time I realized that I can go back to a place as often as I like, it is never the same. Something is always different. I can look at a picture as often as I like, there is always something new, another aspect I did not see, or could not see because I did not know better at the time.

Revisiting my pictures is another way of travelling. I write about my trip down Memory Lane for those who were travelling with me. This is the first entry:

A friend asked me if I would like to join her on a trip through the Baltic. We started in Lithuania. I remember a country in transit.


I remember streets ready for change.


I remember streets shiny and new.


I remember worrying about stability.


I remember the people …


… looking towards the future.


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