I have holed up behind my laptop for a couple of weeks now. Every day I take a break for a walk, to battle the local house wives for cheap and good groceries. The weather was in my favour, … until today: Winter ambushes Tokyo. When I walk out of the front door the cold hits me, snow flakes swirl around me, but I count myself lucky: I have boots.


On my way I grasp the concept of transparent umbrellas.


Sometimes it feels Scandinavian rather than Japanese.


The narrow streets in my neighborhood have no sidewalks and I wonder how well prepared the local drivers are for this kind of weather.


I reach the main shopping street and join the procession …


… of one umbrella …


… after the other.


I get what I need and head back.


I meet cyclist who rise to the occasion …


… others reconsider.


Close to my place a girl dances in the street.


It still snows while I write this words. A week ago it was 18° C. The weather forecast for tomorrow says 7-10° C.

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