Oops … there it is. … Happy New Year!


This time things are different. The city seems empty. Temperatures are rising. Summer is here. I see how important context is, how much I depend on my cultural and climatic heritage, to properly feel the passing of another year. It seems I need the cold, the long nights and the crushing dominance of Christmas to truly believe that it is over.

This time it feels like the New Year sneaked up on me. … Welcome anyway. I hope we have a good time.

A Great 2015, to all of you, …

… and especially to some of you!

There have been signs. That is true. But they seemed mostly ornamental …


… like something in the background …


… that just does not fit in.


Some places tried harder to make it look authentic …


… than others …


… but it still looked out-of-place, or rather out-of-time.


Some elements seem to easily move from one context into another, changing their function while basically keeping their appearance …



… and then adapt …


… to the environment.


Happy New Year!

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