On the road again

How long does it take from been there to lived there ? Is it really a question of time, or rather a question of immersion, exposure or life style? I like to think that I lived in Wellington, now that the time has come to move on, to get going again, to learn more of what is out there.


I pack my memories. Places, I passed by every day, look different, now that I know, I will not see them again soon, maybe never again. Even if I return they may be gone or changed beyond recognition.


The iconic ones may last for ages to come …


… while others depend on supply  …


… and demand.


Two days before I leave I sit in a roof bar. Only two people at the table are from the same country. No one is from New Zealand. Above us the stars. The topic I remember: The belt of Orion. How is it called in different parts of the World?

Will I see any of them again? If I do, things will be different. Every moment is unique.


Time changes everything.


I am happy to have lived in this city. I don’t want to leave. … I rarely do, …


… but what other way is there to get anywhere?


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