Skinned Alive

Travelling is an opportunity for me to test what I hear about the world with my own eyes. And the media say: The World is splitting apart.


Factions have formed. Factions that can’t, or don’t want to, understand each other. Factions that look at what the others are thinking, and doing, with amazement and horror.

The end of the world is knocking at our doors.

And it is grinning madly.


In times where news are travelling faster than ever before, reality seems to become a matter of opinion. We don’t take the time to understand what is going on.

We don’t want to. We act.


We create our own world, our own reality …


… and let the rest fall apart.


Well, that is nothing new. Something is always falling apart, …


… and something New emerges.


But this time the rules also change.


New rules emerge, not shaped by a political process, but forced on us by the spreading of new technologies, and those who drive it, or profit from it.


This rules fundamentally change the world. They change our infrastructure. They change the base of what our lives are founded on.


Things, that we are used to, vanish …


… and leave many of us …


… with the fear of being left behind.


But maybe the world is not splitting apart. Maybe it is moulting. Maybe it is just discarding its old skin. And a new one, still fragile, emerges.


Maybe a New World is taking shape. Maybe we experience its birth pang. Maybe the pain will disappear eventually. And then, we will see more clearly what is hidden from us at the moment.


I am optimistic, and I hope we get there fast.


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