Travelling forces me to think, when I have to deal with unfamiliar cultures. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes it is fun … and sometimes I come up with an idea. … What about this one:

We need to feel important in a world where the importance of the individual is vanishing.

Why is this significant? Because this need makes us vulnerable.


Vulnerable to what?

To promises, designed for us, created out of data pools or puddles; promises that perfectly fit our souls and melt our hearts and brains. A promise industry caters to our needs. … Well, its been there for a long time, but now it has the tools to bring the game to a higher level; tools that have created new, more sneaky players.

And we devour every promise, with a scrollbar that never ends. Promises mix with lies. Lies become promises. And to make things more interesting, we are invited to add our own. In the end, we do not care, because we feel important: You deserve it.
No, you deserve better.
You are absolutely right!

Who would disagree?

So, we get importance. … How do we pay?



That is the deal.

It works nicely … until there are consequences. And then we see how unimportant we have become as individuals.


Well, … just an idea. Not a new one, I guess …
The kind you come up with when you travel,
when you look at things,
when you think.

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