Between Science and a Hard Place

They say, that a crisis shows us who we really are.

Why? Because during a crisis things get worse. A crisis signals danger and triggers our basic instincts and our deepest fears, even if there is no real connection between those fears and the actual crisis. Our reaction to a real crisis is undisguised and true.

When the pandemic started, science gave us a forecast of what was going to happen. We did not really listen. When the facts started to mount, we looked the other way, hoping that it would pass us by. It did not. We learned what the term Global Crisis really means … at least some of us did.

I am surprised how many people ignored and still ignore evidence and chose one of the many alternative realities to look for explanations, and stick to it even when it maims or kills them. What does this tell me about how Homo sapiens will handle the predicable future … the changing climate for example … ?

Is there a reason why there is only one science. I guess the reason is, because there is only one truth.

Why is it so hard to listen to scientific knowledge?

Do we not listen, because the truth is scary? Hidden agendas may play its part too. Political interests. But also ignorance, denial and wishful thinking.

Why do we evolve the hard way, when there is an easier one available that is less painful?

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