Traveling through Time

I rediscovered a long since retired laptop. On its desktop I found this scan of a photograph that I took on my very first trip.

What car was I driving? Was anyone with me? I do not remember. But what I do remember is seeing the yellow blossoms on the roadside. I stopped. I took this picture. On film. I loved it.

And somehow I forgot about it.

Here it is again and it brings back memories. Memories of someone who is long gone, and a world that is long gone. Time molded them into me and the present. I remember how curious I was about all the places and all the people waiting for me in the future … Well, I have been to these places and I had the great pleasure to meet all these people.

Writing this feels like leaving a message for myself, to be rediscovered many years from now.

I am still curious: Who is waiting now? What places? Who will I be?

I’ll see.

Merry Christmas

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