Nowhere to hide

This is a hard one.

Sometimes events are so vast that they redefine my world. When I took this picture, “terror” was a vague term for me. I was a child. Something happened. Afterwards the meaning was clear.

Now I have to think about the true meaning of “war”.

War is back. The aggressor tries to hide it behind fancy names and lies. But an avalanche of pictures and reports show its true face – even if you are in denial: A war is raging, killing and destroying. A new era of history has begun, because this is a new kind of war. A nuclear superpower has attacked and threatens to use nuclear weapons.

And no one knows how this will end.

A war machine has been unleashed to suppress freedom and hope, before our very eyes. The world was stunned, but now it is watching and documenting, and preparing for a reckoning. While all nations are grappling with a global pandemic and the effects of a changing climate, a single government has put its own imperialist interests before anything else. The world will have to deal with the aftershock for decades to come.

And there is nowhere to hide.

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