Days of Future Past

A man with a bike stops right next to me. He asks where I come from. I tell him. I am not from here. So he tells me a story.


It sounds like straight out of a cold war novel, and in a way it is. It is a story about people secretly meeting in a church, making tapes and smuggling them into another country to spread their gospel via radio and television, back across the border. It is a story of a time when travelling was a privilege.


He points in this general direction …


… and tells me that here is the place that moved the masses …


… to blow away the old …


… and free the market.


I see the stages …


… of transformation.


People went to the streets …


… and a Wall came down. Well, some walls seem to be here to stay.


I wonder about the reality behind events that start small, with only a few witnesses around; the power of singular moments that trigger avalanches that change the world and turn into legends told from generation to generation, long after the living memory is gone.


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